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Selling your Greenville area home involves much more than just putting a sign in the yard and going to the closing.  As your REALTOR®, we are here to help you prepare your home for the market, market your home, and guide you through the sale process to ensure your home is sold in a timeline that's suitable to you and you receive the highest price for your home that the market will bear.

It would be great if we could just stick a sign in your yard, find a buyer tomorrow, and head off to closing by next week.  However, that's just not the way it usually works.  Instead you'll need a professional REALTOR® to help guide you through the process.  



  • Go over the selling process in real world language without all the industry technical jargon.
  • Perform an analysis on the market, so you can see how your home will compare to the competition.  
  • Decide on both a list price and a target sale price.
  • Make sure your home's listing is marketed to the maximum number of buyers in the market for a home.
  • Communicate with you throughout the entire process, so that you know what's happening with the marketing and sale of your home.
  • Bring you a purchase agreement as soon as we get an offer on the home, and help you through the process of negotiating, working through contingencies, inspections, and finally closing the transaction.


Price:  If you ask too much, you will most likely be waiting a lot longer before the home sells.  It may take a very long time to find a person willing to pay more than the home is actually worth, or you may just have to wait until the market prices rise enough to catch up to your price.

Condition:  The majority of Buyers in the Jacksonville area want a home that is in tip top condition.  However, we estimate that fewer than 30% of all homes are in top condition.  To sell fast and for top dollar, your home must be in absolute top condition OR you must account for the lack of condition with a lower asking price.   

Financing:  If you are extremely restrictive on your potential buyer's financing options, you will definitely have to sit on the market longer.  The more options you are willing to accept like FHA and VA, the more marketable your home will be to more potential buyers.

Time:  If you have a specific time frame to have your home sold and moved out, you'll have to be aware of your listing price to your time frame goals.  If you over price, you wait, if you under price - you'll move much more quickly.  Finding a balance is the key to getting the most that the market will bear and moving within your own time frame.


To get the highest price that the market will bear for your home, your REALTOR® will consider:

  • The price of homes that have recently sold in your area and how similar those homes are to your home.
  • The asking price of current competition around and near your home.
  • The terms, conditions, and pricing that is in line with your area that will appeal to the types of buyers that would be in the market for a home in your area.  

  In Summary of these FACTS:   Hiring the wrong REALTOR could cost you thousands of LOST dollars or worse, could keep you from selling your home at all!  If this has already happened to you, not to worry - We can sell it! 

*Your information will never be shared with any third party.

  •  As Your Full Service Listing Agent We Will:

    • Complete a comparative market analysis that will compare your home’s value to that of your neighbors.
    • List your home in the Greenville Multiple Listing Service and then your home listing will be sent out to Hundreds of other Internet Websites for Maximum Exposure with sites such as,, Trulia, Homes, Activerain, and More
    • Professional Photos Taken of Your Home.
    • Compile a comprehensive plan detailing all the efforts we will employ to sell your home, including Internet.
    • Present your home the most exposure with as many qualified buyers as possible.
    • Home Staging Experienced Agent to get your home show ready and generate curb appeal to ensure you get the highest sale price possible in the shortest period of time. 
    • Assist with Negotiations and help you in assuring the best deal is met as smoothly as possible.
    • Recommendations given on needed home repairs when negotiating with buyer. 
    • Assure the settlement process goes as planned and is Smooth.
    • Buyers Agent experienced for over 19 Years  to help you find your next home and we can provide  answers to all of your questions that pertain to local neighborhood sales, area market information,  school information,  negotiations,  inspections, contracts and More

    • Closing Fees for the seller 
    • Title insurance fees depend on the sales price of the home.
    • Broker’s commission is a full-service fee and will cost up to 7% With many large well known Real Estate Companies while  we offer a negotiable listing rate while still offering the buyers broker who brings a buyer 3% commission.  We are a Locally owned and operated Real Estate business. 
      • Local property transfer tax, county transfer tax, state transfer tax, and state capital gains tax are the charges that you’ll pay for the privilege of selling your home. Credit to the buyer of unpaid real estate taxes for the prior or current year are variable and depend on when you close and when your taxes are due.
      • Closing Cost are sometimes negotiated and asked for of the seller to assist in paying on behalf of the buyer. These buyer closing cost can cost the buyer 3% of the sales price and are out pocket cost the buyer may not be able to afford. If seller does agree to negotiate and assist the buyer then these closing cost would be given at the settlement of the home once closing is taking place. 
      • Home inspections fees are in some circumstances paid for by the seller and include pest, radon and other inspections. These cost are sometimes also seen as part of the closing cost negotiated. 
      • Miscellaneous fees can occur from the repairs noticed during the home inspection and many times the buyer will ask for the seller to address repair items prior to the closing. 
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